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First post on ! For those that don't know me, I'm an audio engineer/digital musician, new to the world of self hosting, Linux and RasPi (long time Mac/Logic/ProTools/Ableton user).

I don't like what the internet has become so decided to be change I want to see. I'll be posting idiotic questions about self hosting, privacy, coding etc. but also music, economics, tech and cats (of which I have two).

Feel free to connect :)

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@Rasp Image caption:

If you get a LOAN from a bank, you’ll be paying it back for 30 yrs.

If you ROB a bank, you’ll be out in 10 yrs.

Follow me for more financial advice.

Image below text: photo of smiling person wearing a ski mask behind a microphone.

We're not going to feel the real fun of inflation until it goes above 50%.

There's a good chance of that though so enjoy yourselves!

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Just been sent an NDA for that thing I definitely didn't just post about...

You ain't seen me right.

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It's surprisingly difficult to find sheet music for public domain piano pieces that are not behind paywalls. Does anyone have any hot tips ? Apart from the library.

#piano #sheetmusic

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With the Twitter price tanking, how long till it starts competing with a Mastodon server set up on a Raspberry Pi?

The best thing about the internet...

So the cops have turned up next door, no idea why.

Anyway, the Internet gave me quick and easy access to The Bill theme tune. 🤣

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Quote of the day...

"George Bush is a pussy hole"

- Lee Scratch Perry

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The cultural difference between #Twitter and #Fediverse and how it affects users:

Algorithms: Makes you think you're interesting

Decentralisation: Makes you realise you're not.

Sometimes hard to know if ASD related or I'm just a prick.

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Brain is crashing.

Fun rating is currently 0/10

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credit card levels are 54% and rising

(54%) ■■■■■□□□□□

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